Friday morning

Good morning all back again having completed my mission.  Sadly the people who were keen to buy the van had had a change of heart due to health issues and offered me a pittance for the van so I told them what they could do with such a derisory offer.  I had already phoned a dealer who was happy to sell for 7.5K and even he laughed at the price I had been offered.  My biggest problem was how to get rid of the contents but as luck would have it the Kettlebrugh fete is next week so tons of stuff has gone to that.  The remaining rubbish was going to prove a problem until the dealer said just leave it all in the van and don't bother cleaning it as it will get a full valeting before the put it up for sale. This then cut our work by half.  We had a very enjoyable stay in the the lodge which is is just like a small house with all mod cons and a sumptuous breakfast was served in the main house.  It felt like a 5 star hotel.  We dined out at some of the very good restaurants around Woodbridge where you certainly get value for money.  Sandie ordered off the specials menu some pulled pork but when the plate arrived she blanched as the portion was enormous. But give her her due she managed all but the bread which went back for the geese.

I had made a pig of myself the previous night so I held back and had just a grilled fillet of brill and some new season asparagus and I helped Sandy out with her tomatoes.  The whole meal including a pint and half of beer and a jumbo tomato juice came to the grand total of £31 which I think is good value for money.

Before we left after breakfast yesterday I paid up my bill which I am sure was on the light side and Anne pressed each of us with a jar of marmalade and half a dozen eggs from her hens.  If ever you fancy a a B&B in Suffolk I can highly recommend Church farm Kettlebrugh.  If you need some peace that is the place for you.  I was standing on the veranda very early one morning watching the rabbits have their breakfast when out of the woodland came a muntjac deer.  He looked me up and down decided I was not threat and carried on waking through to the pond for a drink.  He was no more than 10 feet from me and didn't seem at all phased by humans.

Well that is the end of an era and now I can concentrate on looking for a newer car as I no longer need the three tons to pull the van.  I have some stuff to clear up today as yesterday I was shattered having driven back to Faversham to drop Sandy off and then home.  Fortunately Denzil unloaded the car for me and I just dumped everything which today I will tidy up and sort out.

Have a good day all I feel so relieved to longer have the mill stone around my neck.
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