Friday morning

Good morning all a bit late this morning but I had a fairly broken night the next door dogs decided to have a major barking session at 3.30am which woke me then I had trouble getting back to sleep. Given that I had not gone to bed until midnight I was fairly hacked off.  Now that the weather is a bit warmer and I sleep with my door open the noise is so much louder.  I know it is Friday but as Denzil has a day off I thought I would do a Sunday lunch today as we are all here.  I have a nice lump of belly pork which I will roast and hope for lots of crackling if I get it right.  First I have to score it and fortunately I have a scalpel and blades so it is a nice easy job.  Using it brings back memories of when I used to teach students how to mount blades safely and I always reminded then that scalpels are designed to cut skin which includes theirs.  When teaching such things there is always one person who is left handed so I had to teach myself how to do everything left handed so that I could demonstrate the correct method.  All of this has left me fairly ambidextrous.  I have also taught left handers to crochet which again require me to learn to use my left hand.  However it does have a bit of a draw back when typing I frequently muddle left hand and right hand keys.  Well that is my excuse for my poor typing.  The other thing I have noticed since typing most of what I write is that my hand writing is terrible.  

I don't know what kids are taught today but I started with Marion Richardson writing then the next school was all italics and the next was into loopy copperplate type with the exception of the history teacher who went mad if you put loops on anything.  In the end I think my hand writing was a combination of all the styles and now even that has gone to hell. My shopping list look as if they have been written by a four year old.  

I noticed that we all came up with the same solution for poor Chrissie who beating herself up again. If it were up to me I would throw away her scales which might stop her worrying over a pound up or a pound down which is just normal fluctuation in weight.  I haven't stood on my scales for ages and just judge by how tight my clothes are.  If my trousers are tight then I know I need to ease off a bit.  If your diet restricts the things you love you are bound to be miserable.  I remember nursing some of the very first kidney transplant patients who had a most disgusting diet which had all been put through an autoclave.  They were however allowed tinned mandarin oranges and tinned cream so that is what they lived on.  I fully understood this as the autoclave cauliflower/cabbage not only stunk but appeared as a sort of grey sludge that you might find on the bottom of a pond.  Guess what the patients were pleased to have a new kidney but miserable as hell with the food.

Well that is my tub thumping for this morning the sun is shining it is a bit cooler but very pleasant sitting here with the door wide open and lovely fresh air flooding the house.  Have a good day all and Chrissie if you are reading this please give yourself a break ditch the diet and enjoy living free.  I have accepted I will never be a double zero my face looks like it needs ironing but I know my friends are not in the slightest bit interested in what I look like it is who I am that is important.

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