Friday morning

Good morning all what a lovely day it was yesterday at last some sunny warm weather.  I chose to spend the day damaging myself - first I dropped the bin on my right thumb cutting an bruising it then not happy with that I walk my left hand into the gate post giving that an almighty whack and just to put the tin lid on it I twisted me knee sufficiently for it to keep me awake last night.  No I wasn't drunk just plain clumsy.  Anyway I managed to sort out the meat that had arrived and I discovered why the chicken breast meat was so cheap.  Each of the breasts was enormous more like turkey breast so I decided that packing them in pairs would be sufficient for four of us.  I took off the fillets and cooked them as per the recipe I mentioned yesterday.  Most successful and very easy and a lot less messy than flour egg and breadcrumb but with a very tasty result as the mayo adds seasoning and the parmesan in the crust also adds flavour to what is really a very tasteless piece of meat.  Eat your heart out Colonel Sanders.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the meal but sadly Mike was horribly sick afterwards which I can only ascribe to his health as none of us were affected.  

The fish monger delivered some lovely bass which had been caught during the night in the Medway so they still had rigor mortis.  We were going to have them for supper but with Mike not eating and Denzil out at work James and I decided that we would have a Chinese take away instead and save the fish for todays lunch when hopefully we are all here and well.  I have also cubed up a couple of breast which I am going to make into a pie filling with cream and mushrooms.  Once cooked they can go in the freezer if surplus to requirements.

This morning the weather is warm but very overcast and gone is the lovely sunshine.  Never mind I got all my washing dry on the line yesterday so today is an ironing and folding day.  Mike is sill asleep so I will leave him to wake naturally and hope he is feeling a bit better today.  I am hoping for a less accident prone day today as I am already bruised and bashed I don't need any more.

I had to laugh yesterday as we got yet another phone call about the critical error on our computer and James handled the call.  After leading them on he was asked to press the key with the windows logo so he enquired if that was the one next to the key that said phone the metropolitan police fraud squad and play them the tape of this conversation - suddenly the line went dead what a surprise!!!!!
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