Bank Holiday Monday

Yesterday disappeared in a bit of flurry or activity.  My diagnosis of a fractured neck of femur has proved correct and Mike is in hospital being rehydrated prior to surgery some time today.  Once they had him settled James and I took his stuff in to him and can you believe he is on the same ward James had his terrible experience on.  I felt sick just walking through the doors.  There were no staff I recognised and I sincerely hope I don't have to deal with the same level of incompetence this time. Mike has done what lots of elderly people do so it is standard bread and butter care which is required. I have no worries about the surgery as that too is bread and butter stuff.  It is the anaesthetic which is a problem in Mikes case so I hope they have a decent anaesthetist on duty.

I will give them a couple of hours for the shift change then I will phone for information as to when exactly they intend to operate.  In the mean time I had better think about food for the day as Denzil is here for lunch but working a late shift.  

My bulldozer approach to my wardrobe has resulted in stacks of clean washing just waiting to be ironed and returned so I had better make a dent in that as I can see time being of a premium now.  Of course just to make my life complete it is time for MOT tax and insurance for the car so I will have to organise that as soon as we are past the bank holiday.  

Now it is time for some breakfast a slice of toast and bovril and my second cup of coffee then I will be fit to face the day.
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