Good morning all I finally got my ironing done and all folded nicely and packed into the basket and into the bottom of the wardrobe out of the way.  As they are now stacked vertically it is easy to pick out the bits you want without disturbing the whole pile.  It takes a while to organise but once done thats it and it has freed up two drawers in my new chest of drawers.  

Now I have to pass on a trick I tried yesterday.  If you have cherry tomatoes to halve it takes ages but with this trick it is one cut of the knife and they are done.  You don't need the plastic container I used a pair of plates and it worked beautifully I cut a whole load for a salad in an instant.  It is such an obvious trick I don't know why it has taken me this long to discover it.

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Today we are expecting visitors from the health service coming to see Mike.  I am a bit ambivalent about their visits as they come, they talk, and nothing changes so it all seems a bit of a waste of time to me.  He complains about having to go over his entire life history every time they come with no forward movement as a result.  

We are forecast with a day of rain today but at the moment it looks fine, it seems strange to get up and find that it is already light.  On the menu today I have to use up some vegetables so I though I would do a pasta/ratatouille bake for lunch.  It is also pikelet day as my starter is going mad and I need to use up some of the discard.  I was wondering if I made the mixture a bit runny and made large pikelets I could use them instead of tortillas to wrap around goodies.  

As for supper at the moment I have no idea but no doubt something will pop up during the course of the day.  I have shed loads of carrots and a butternut squash so I am thinking in terms of a soup to use them up.   

Well that is the plan for the day the cloud is thickening overhead so I think the forecast may well be correct.  I am not going to risk any washing on the outdoor line.  Have a great day all......
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