Wednesday morning

no luck with this

Yes yesterday we had the full panoply of British weather including a 5 min snow storm.  We had the lot rain, hail, sleet and snow coupled with wind and sunshine.  Don't ask how long it has taken me to get this bit of video from my phone to the computer.  Anyway this morning is freezing cold but sunny at the moment.  

I had another disjointed night so I am up late but I have had enough sleep and I don't feel shattered. Dennie did her stuff but she was feel a bit stressed so we worked together and chatted at the same time.  James made us a lovely sea food risotto for lunch and for supper we had the chicken and chips from the notorious take away and yes I know how bad it is but I don't care.  Once in a while is OK by me.

I have been messing around with face book and have joined the Spinone appreciation society where I have made contact with the owner of my beautiful Basso's dads owner.  What a small world it is.  

Denzil has had another early start but he will be home around lunch time so I had better look to my laurels and do a decent lunch. Pork chops with Mediterranean vegetables I think.  As the chops are in the freezer I had better get a wiggle on or they will still be frozen at lunch time.

Have a good day all and I hope the video plays

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