Wednesday Morning

Good morning all a nice chilly but sunny one here.  Denzil set off for work at some ungodly hour this morning as he is doing the early shift and Dan howled the walls down because he has got used to Denzil taking him for a walk early in the morning and today he was left behind.  It must be infuriating when you don't understand I'm sure he thought Denzil was just going walking not to work. I usually tell him I am going shopping then he knows he is not coming.  As it is I will have to go shopping today as the staples are running low.  With four adults in the house we get through quite a bit of stuff but at least they are mostly capable of helping out with the chores.  However I feel the weight of responsibility none the less.

I am going to be so relieved once the caravan is dealt with and I can start the hunt for a newer car.  It is going to be difficult to clear it as essentially I don't need any of the contents however I am not prepare to throw everything away.  At the same time do I need any more stuff at home just as I am trying to jettison the excess? I think I am going to have to be ruthless which is not in my nature, I lean towards hoarding and repurposing.  Quite a bit of stuff has come from home in the first place as hand me downs but there is also stuff bought specifically for the van.  Thank goodness Sandie is coming with me so she can keep me in order.

Today I have some meat coming from an internet company I thought I would try out. The prices are reasonable so if the meat is good I will reorder.  It will be nice to have the freezer full so I have lots of choice as to what to cook.  The meat I have bought from Aldi is good but the variety is limited and I feel like a change.  It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and cook on autopilot.  Yesterday I had a bit of a disaster I put on the pressure cooker to cook up a load of black beans and went upstairs to shower etc. when I came back down I discovered that the valve was in the open position and my kitchen was full of steam and black water - lesson learned always check the valve!!!!!

Well time is marching on and I have loads to do today so I had better get going have a good day all.

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