Wednesday morning

Good morning all it is a another chilly but clearish morning.  Yesterday was a hell on wheels morning with lots to do Dennie arrived early and when I told her what had happened to poor Sandie she was in tears remembering her beloved dog and the pain of the loss.  What is it about dogs that really gets to you?  

Denzil and I headed out and hit Aldi which was lovely and quiet for once and we filled a trolley with stuff and headed home.  I had completely forgotten that someone was coming to test Mikes eye sight and it was fortunate that I was here as Mike was totally confused as to what he should do. Apparently he has a lazy eye which needs to be made to work and as such he will need glasses full time not just for reading.  That should be fun given he refuses to wear his hearing aids or do anything else he is told to do for his health.  Anyway they will not be ready for 4-6 weeks so we have a bit of time before battle commences.

By the time we had had lunch of fake pizza made with pitta breads as bases I was really tired and not feeling too bright so I abandoned ship and took to my bed for a sleep.  The boys decided on a take away supper so I was off the hook and just festered in my pit until I finally fell asleep.  I must say I do feel much brighter this morning and must have needed the rest.

Today we are lunch for three as Denzil will be at work and dinner for four.  I thought I would do a smoked mackerel and prawn salad on toast for lunch and as yet I have made no decisions what to have for supper.  No doubt something will spring to mind once I have had a trawl in the freezer.  I have fallen off the wagon of menu planning a little so I really must get back on and save myself this confusion.  

That's about it for this morning I am going to try being good and have some breakfast instead of just black coffee.

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