Well it is only just morning but I have just surfaced.  I have had a couple of really bad nights and last night I was packing up the caravan in my mind which was going over and over things I need to do so sleep was not on the menu.  I finally dosed off at at 5.30 am and the phone has just woken me.  I feel like I could go on sleeping for the rest of the day.  Wouldn't it be nice if the brain had an off switch. Yesterday I took the bull by the horns and set the wheels in motion to get the van cleared and sold and now I am in a bit of a froth trying to get it all sorted out.  It would be really easy if it were on the drive but having it in Suffolk makes matter extra difficult.  Anyway I am sure it will all work out Ok and I am worrying needlessly.  The guy who wants the van is still keen but having family problems and I can't wait forever so I am going ahead with the clearing and organising Sandie to come with me and we are booking the B&B for a couple of nights while we get on with the job.  There is a lot of planning required if we are to get it all done in the time allotted.  

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day but today is a bit more cloudy and at last it is a bit warmer as it has been perishingly cold the last few days.  I boiled up a big pot of flageolet beans half of which are in the freezer the remainder made a nice bean salad to have with our lunch of bratwurst. 

Apropos the irritating silent phone calls I have put in a formal complaint with of-com not that I think it will make much difference but I live in hope.   I can deal with the "I'm not selling anything" calls or the "you have a critical error on your computer" but the silent calls are a pain and would you believe I have just had one as I sit here typing.  I get between 1 and 3 of these calls daily which drives me to distraction.

Well as I am up so very late I had better get moving and do something constructive so I will love you and leave you and get going have a good day all.
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