Tuesday Morning

Good morning all the weather forecast has said rain rain and more rain this week however it is bright freezing and blowing a gale this morning but knowing how fast the weather can change it is not over until the fat lady sings.

Yesterday for lunch I used up the left over belly pork with the sweet and sour sauce and a nice big pile of rice.  I then had a quick tot up of what the meat had cost me per portion £0.98 anything below a pound per portion has to be good value for money these days so I was pleased.  The man came and fitted Mikes glasses for him yesterday but he was a dog man so he was frankly more interested in Dante and Tubby neither of whom need glasses.

James made us a nice supper of tortillas with an onion and tomato salsa hot with chili and coriander and rashers of crispy bacon.  A dollop of sour cream brought the whole thing together nicely.  

I woke at 4am as usual but have now learned to go back to sleep and I don't seem to be suffering with headaches if I do.  I seem to be sleeping in two hour slots, but what the hell, so long as I get the sleep I need I don't really care how it comes.

Denny is due any second so I will have to get a shift on as the sink is full of washing up that got left last night.  I really don't want to be paying her for washing up not that she would complain she just gets on with whatever she sees needs doing.

Anyway have a good day all and lets hope this early sunshine lasts longer than predicted.
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