Tuesday morning

Yesterday went according to plan and I was very restrained in the shop I did however get some lovely beef bones from the butcher which I shared with the dogs.  Tubby has impressive jaw power and made mincemeat of the cow rib Dan took longer but both of them really enjoyed the treat.  The remaining bones went into the pressure cooker to slow cook but one was just too long so it was a case of finding the hacksaw and making it fit.  Anyway I now have a nice nice pot of strong beef stock which just needs to be degreased and then into the freezer in vac bags.  Next will be a nice fish stock which is easier as it only takes 20 minutes.  

In order to pack your shopping they always have a selection of boxes so I chose a plastic basket type box which will take my sheets once they have all been folded correctly.  Yes my folding mania is still going because I do like the results even though it seems a bit of a pain at the time.  Once done it makes life very easy.

These are the paddling pools that the dogs love to play in if the tide is out and swimming is off but they also become skating rinks when the temperature drops low enough.  As you can see the photos were taken just at sun rise so the light was not too good. They are actually the foundations of a warf which have been left in place.

Today my plan is to finally get round to doing the pile of ironing and get that out of the way.  For lunch we have some left over potato salad from yesterday which I will stretch by adding sliced frankfurters and supper will be salad, smoked mackerel  and crusty bread so no real cooking involved. 

The dogs are just back from their walk with Denzil and are soaking wet so it is time to get moving.  Have a lovely day all.

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