Thursday morning

Lovely sunny day yesterday and the fur babies had a nice time swimming they seem completely immune to cold water.  Denzil was home in time for lunch after his very early start but his shift pattern is all crazy hours so I will have to look to my laurels if I am going to get meals organised.

The meat I ordered arrived at lunch time and was beautifully packed each item gave the history of the animal concerned from date of birth to date of slaughter etc.  talk about traceability.  We had some cumberland sausage from the box for supper and that was most acceptable but not really a good item to judge by.  Today I am going to do the bavette steaks for lunch and that will be a better way to judge.  Flank will be tough but should be tasty and with some nice accompaniment will make a good meal.  

Today the sky is a bit overcast but bright as the cloud is very high.  I have a chiropodist coming to do Mikes feet today. It normally falls to me but occasionally I think a professional is called for and this is it.  He is coming at 1pm so it had better be an early lunch and Denzil doesn't start work until 6pm so that will impinge on supper time.  It looks like a good day to do a bit of laundry as it should dry nicely outside.  

Time for the second cup of coffee and off to the freezer for inspiration!!!!
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