Thursday morning

Good morning all the week is flying by and as Joy said I can hardly believe it is Thursday already, time just seems to be flying by.  The weather forecast is grim rain, rain and more rain I think a day in the kitchen is in order.  Yesterdays lunch was interesting it was all odds and ends, a bit of left over pasta some vegetables that were on the blink and a piece of cheese that was ready for the mouse trap and a couple of lonely rashers of bacon.  I sautéed off the bacon with some sad shallots then added some aubergine pepper and courgettes.  From the freezer I got some tomato sauce and in that went and finally when it was all mixed together I grated the cheese on the top and slammed it in the oven to crips up the top.  As luck would have it it was very tasty and very well received.  It was a good way to clear up some things lurking in the fridge before I had to put them in the bin.  Is there anything that doesn't go with pasta?

Today I would like to make a big pot of bolognese sauce to have as a standby in the freezer and I am going to use the new pressure cooker to do this as it can also be used as a slow cooker.  However the best bit is you can heat it up and sauté your ingredients in it so you only need the one pot.  The laundry got done but we had to use the drying rack as the weather outside was not conducive to drying!!!  The family all laughed as I folded items into small piles ready to be put away in my newly tidy draws.  However when I looked at the airing cupboard that too needs some attention as it is just a big muddled mess.  I am trying to persevere with the tidy attitude but I am doing things piecemeal which is not what is recommended.  Time is my worst enemy as it takes quite a while to really tidy a cupboard properly.  Sometimes I get despondent as I seem to be chasing my tail the whole time and am forever catching up on jobs I should have done but have failed to do.  Everywhere I look I see something that needs doing.  The men seem to be oblivious to these things.  They are blind to dust, mess and muddle.  I am not a tidy freak but I do like a semblance of order and cleanliness.  I suppose some of this comes from the years I worked in operating theatres where everything is labeled and in its proper place and clean but that took a small army of nurses to keep it that way.

One thing is for certain sitting here scribbling will not buy the baby a bonnet so onward and upward.  Have a good day all despite the grim weather.....
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