Sunday Morning

Everywhere looks wet with beads of rain clinging to the garden furniture so I guess it rained overnight however it is dry now but still very overcast and pretty chilly.  I spent an age yesterday searching for a photo on the computer but as I have failed to individually name each one do you think I can find it?  I think I may have to set myself a task of spending an hour a day naming photos so that I can find them.  Currently they are divided into years and months but that doesn't help when you can't remember when you took the photo.  This will be a major task as I have in excess of 10K to go through.  Many years ago I dismantled the photo albums and scanned in all our photos which took several months to do.  The originals are in a box in the loft as I couldn't quite bring myself to throw them away.  In the days I did this computers were pretty unstable and frequently crashed so I was always afraid of loosing the lot.

Today I am going to slow roast a big chunk of belly of pork which has not been scored so I will have to get my scalpel out and do a bit of surgery first and then pray I get the crackling right.  Sadly Denzil starts work at 12 and his portion will have to be put on a plate for him to eat later.  It is a fairly large chunk so I think it will be doing more than one meal.  The left overs might get either some sugar free sweet and sour sauce or a homemade barbecue sauce added.  I must say that I like leftovers as they do give you room to experiment.  

Next door had an open day yesterday but I didn't see crowds of people coming to look at the property and if it sells for the asking price it will be the most expensive house in the road. They are looking for offers in excess of £400K and nothing has sold for more than £350K so far and it all seems crazy to me when I think we paid 17K for ours.  House prices are just crazy.  Fair enough ours was a total wreck when we bought it and we have spent shedloads of money and put in many hours on it over the years.

Well if my pork is to make it into the oven in time I need to get going and make some preparations.  I have a shrewd idea I have no apple sauce so I might have to send a minion to the shops for supplies.  What are you having for Sunday lunch?

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