Sunday morning

Good morning all and what a beauty it is lots of lovely sunshine.  Yesterday I made a big pot of mince which did us for lunch as bolognese sauce and today it has become chilli con carne.  It all cooks so nice and quickly in the pressure cooker and as it has a saut√© facility you can fry bits first which is great.  That is also acts as a slow cooker makes it very versatile.  

James has just come back from a walk with the dogs and was chatting to one of the neighbours and apparently next door is up for sale.  I just checked it out on Rightmove and there it is for offers in excess of 400K given what they paid for it and the work they have done I cant see them making any profit on the sale.  I'm afraid my nosey gene is in full swing now I really want to know what is going on.

As lunch is all but made I intend to have a really lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee and reading the papers.  It is a long time since I have done that so it will be a real treat.  There are shed loads of things I should be doing but to hell with it all I am having a day off.  The laundry is up to date as is the ironing the house is moderately clean so really the only outstanding work is in the garden which is a tip but I am just not in the mood for weeding and digging.  I had another rough night of tossing and turning so I feel entitled to a bit of me time.  

My knitting is boring me to tears but I am persevering with the chunky wool and can't wait until all the excess wool has been used up.  I can then start something more to my liking.  I find knitting a large item in heavy wool with large needles very tiring on the hands.  I can't wait to start something a bit more delicate and to my liking.

James has just volunteered to cook me some breakfast talk about luxury!!!!

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