Sunday Morning

And the sun is shining with clear blue skies with not a cloud to be seen.  James is driving back from Hull this morning so I hope this nice weather stretches further than Kent.  

Yesterday was filled with laughter as I had cooked the skate for lunch and the bones, as you know, are cartilaginous and Tubby made short work of them but poor old Dan was utterly confused he couldn't understand why we had given him a pile of cable ties to eat.  He would smell them and that seemed OK but as soon as he got them in his mouth he spat them out and Tubby just sat waiting to munch them.  He looked at Tubby as if he had lost his mind.  Meanwhile the humans were folded in half laughing at the antics. 

My printer is back up and running but the price of printer inks is crazy it is cheaper to buy a new printer.  Anyway I do little printing so they should last a while.  Gone are the days of printing off loads of handouts for students.  

Can you believe it as I have been typing in has come the cloud and it is now raining.  They do say if you don't like the weather just wait 20 minutes.  I believe the euphemism is changeable I think this means your guess is as good as mine and we have no idea.

I put a load of mince in the pressure/slow cooker and made a bolognese sauce a portion of which we had for supper the remainder has been converted to a chilli for tonights supper.  The addition of loads of freshly ground cumin, red beans and copious paprika and hey presto a different meal.  Mince is so versatile you can make loads of different dishes with it.  I usually fry it hard to render the fat and drain it before adding the remaining ingredients.  

My sourdough baby is growing so today I think is a pikelet day.  I don't bother with rings and cook them free form  however if I want them to look nice I then cut them out with pastry cutters that way I can make them in a range of sizes.

Well thats about it for today the sun is back out but who knows for how long!!!!

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