Sunday morning

OMG Apple have had a big update and now I have to put in passwords for everything and can I remember them? of course not so I am spending hours changing passwords to something I can remember and using the same password for everything with the exception of the banking stuff.  The faster they do away with passwords the better my new phone uses my finger print which is so much simpler.  My sourdough loaf seems to have come to grief overnight so I am going to make it into crackers.  The next loaf I think I will start at night and hope it has risen by morning which will give me a chance to get it in the oven before it collapses.

James is off to visit a friend who lives in Hull so we will be three for a couple of days and Tubby is staying home with us as his friend has cats.  Denzil and I will go and do a bit of shopping as we are all but out of fruit and veg and we have given the eggs a bit of a bashing.  

So far I have nothing planned for lunch and I am hoping for some inspiration while shopping.  Supper tonight is going to be a nice potato salad with frankfurters in it.  Again from the Ferran Adria book which is quite inspiring.  There are numerous desserts in the book which I must try at some point however we are not dessert eaters so they are low down on the priority list.  Higher on the list is a pile of ironing which is screaming at me from the corner of the room!!!!  

My room is gradually getting sorted out though I am doing just bits at a time they all mount up and yesterday I went to town on the wool supplies which are now neatly arranged by weight and colour.  I need to have it looking reasonable as they guy is coming to measure the curtain on Friday.  As yet I have no idea about cost or how long it will take to make the said curtain but at least the process is underway.

Well that is about it for this morning so far it is a lovely day with sunny skies, yesterday started like that then ended in lots of showers.  Have a lovely peaceful day............

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