Saturday Morning

Good morning all I'm glad to say that my Amazon problems have all been sorted.  The excess has been couriered away and money refunded to my account so I can now breathe a sigh of relief.  The curtain man came and measured up and now I am waiting between 6 - 8 weeks before they will be ready.  Seeing the fabric in natural light only made me more sure of my choice but sadly I do have expensive taste.  He suggested that a new curtain track would be a good idea as the current one has been there for 30 years so it could do with a change.  Anyway something nice to look forward to.  

Well so much for making menus the fish monger rang to say they had caught some nice skate in the river overnight so I have a couple of wings for lunch today.  For my money I like it poached with beurre noisette and capers and some plain boiled spuds.

I don't know if any of you saw the program on TV called Secret Britain but I had recorded it and watched it as it was centred on Kent.  Well what a laugh they showed the dene hole on Lady Sondes land which both Sandy and I had been down last summer and I have the photos to prove it.  It is her land where we do some picking up as she has a large commercial shoot in the season.

At the moment the rain is falling and the wind is blowing it looks like a really miserable day.  Things in the garden are bursting into flower and the magnolia looks spectacular.  Thank goodness that was not the tree that fell into the pond.

Denzil has taken the dogs out and I think they will all come home soaked so I had better get breakfast underway.  Have a good weekend all.........................
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