Saturday morning

What a crazy night I have just had. One of James ex colleagues was on her way home when she broke down and who does she ring but James so at midnight he went off to rescue her.  He didn't get home until the wee small hours just before Denzil got up for his early shift so the house was like Piccadilly circus for most of the night. 

We had had a blitz round Aldi and restocked the essentials.  My Japanese neighbour had asked me to drop in and have a look at the paints they have been looking at for the exterior of the house.  She was over the moon when I chose the colour she liked but her husband didn't.  So he got out voted and she will be getting her way.  I made the decision on what would not stand out like a sore thumb in the road where all the houses are painted in neutral muted colours.  Most of the houses are either cream or white so she has chosen a white with a tiny hint of green.  Her husband was more for a dark colour which would not have looked good, fine for an accent colour but no good for a massive wall.

For lunch we had some chicken wings in a spicy sauce which I had bought on a whim.  Now most things that say they are spicy are actually very mild but not these wings they nearly blew our heads off so for supper I did us some mushrooms which were enormous so I stuffed them with a bit of salami and mozzarella cheese and we had them on toast.  My bolognese sauce is made in the instapot ready for lunch today when we have Mikes brother coming for lunch so all I have to do is boil a bit of pasta and throw a salad together and we are done.

Have you been listening to all the comments about wether we should stay or leave the EU well I feel unable to make the decision as I really don't know which is the right way to go.  I also feel that it really isn't my decision as it is the youngsters who will be saddled with the result so I think I may well keep my nose out of it and let them decided.  My only comment is that human beings do better in groups than singly but they also always fight.  Make what you will of that!!!!

The sun is shining on another cold day when are we going to get some warmth?
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