Saturday morning

Good morning all, well it is bright but really cold this morning. Denzil was off to work at the crack of dawn but he should be back around lunch time. I need to do some shopping this morning as this is now a cheese free zone.  I also need to get the laundry underway as the basket is brimming over.  

Yesterday we had some of the diced lamb that came in the meat box it was very nice so far I have found the items of good quality and I may well use this  company again.  I have used Donald Russell before but I found that very expensive.  This meat is of good quality and more reasonable in price and I like the fact that it is all British meat and traceable.  I only bought things which were cheap or on offer as this was a trail run.

I made a big batch of pikelets yesterday as I had plenty of discard from my sourdough starter and rather than throw it away it went into the pan.  I added the salt and bicarbonate and the mixture went mad and I had to get it in the pan quick as the container looked like an erupting volcano.  Perhaps I was a bit heavy handed with the bicarb! anyway they are nice and light.  I thought I might top them with some tomato and mozzarella sort of like mini pizzas as a snack type lunch.  James made supper last night and did a whole batch of pot sticker dumplings and deep fried mini spring rolls which we had with sweet chili sauce.  I love it when someone else takes the reins of control and makes something that I haven't had to think about.

The organisation of the caravan is going well. The people who want to buy the van are trying to arrange to be up at the farm while we are there so hopefully the sale can go ahead with the minimum of fuss. They seem very keen to have the van and it will save me having to trawl around the dealers. So fingers crossed!!!!!!  I am now daring to look at cars.  I absolutely love my Landrover so I may well just go for a newer version but I will have a good look round at other makes before I decide on the make and model.  Size will still be an issue with the dogs but I will no longer need the 3 tons of weight required to tow the van.

Time for a second cup of coffee as I am quietly freezing to death here and I think a hot shower is in order.  Have a good weekend all.

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