Saturday Morning

Good morning all what a day we had yesterday it poured with rain solidly all day and after two lovely spring days it came as quite a disappointment to be back in the grey.  Just to make my life complete I had a terrible night of tossing and turning and not much sleep. Not the best way to start the weekend as this morning I feel like a dish cloth.

Yesterdays menu worked out well and the pork tenderloin stuffed with apricots and wrapped in bacon was very tasty.  With it I served some braised celery, as I had a whole head spare, and also a small hispi cabbage.  For supper we had some tiny veal meat balls and a salsa of avocado tomato and onion heavily dressed with lemon juice and a splash of good olive oil.

On todays menu I have some mince which I intend to make into a sort of bolognese sauce half of which will be for lunch and the other half will have added red beans and shed loads of freshly ground cumin and paprika and I will call it chilli con carne. This is a good way of making what is a small amount of meat go a very long way.  Supper tonight will be some Thai fish cakes and a big salad.  If you haven't tried the Aldi Thai fish cakes have a go they are really very nice.

In the garage we have been collecting items for the tip and yesterday the boys took a car load and disposed of it which has cleared a corner.  However there is still tons of stuff which needs to make its way to tip.  I did however have one stroke of luck I found some left over tiles for the kitchen floor and as I have a badly broken tile I can now replace it with a new one once I have obtained some tile adhesive.  I know nothing about tiling but I guess if I read the instructions I should be ok.  

Well that is the plan for the day I feel shattered before I start so I am hoping for a sleep this afternoon. Yesterday I thought I would have some fun with one of the annoying phone calls so I answered the phone with "Good morning trading standards" and suddenly the line went dead.  I hope they have had the sense to remove my number from their call list.  The banned list on my phone is full and as far as I can see they keep changing their numbers so you can't block them.  It is about time the telecom watch dog did something about this as I know I am not alone in being plagued with these unsolicited calls.  I frequently get calls telling me I have a critical error on my windows computer so I string them along for a while before telling them it is an Apple.  End of rant!!!!

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