Saturday Morning

Good morning all.  It is a lovely sunny day here and at last it is getting a little warmer.  Yesterday I made a whole load of stock for the freezer.  I had bought two tiny chickens in Aldi which I roasted in an already hot oven then left to cool.  I took the majority of the meat off and put the carcasses with the accompanying veg into the pressure cooker and left it to get on with the job.  Once drained off the stock was put in vac bags and just sealed not vacuumed. The bags were then laid flat in the freezer so that they take up as little room as possible.  The chicken I ripped off made some chicken enchiladas for supper and there is enough for a pasta dish for today.  This has to be the easiest way to make a batch of stock ever and to get 8 meals as well can't be bad.

I also have a sourdough loaf which I started off yesterday and will hopefully get into the oven today. I still haven't managed to get the timing right and I sure as hell am not going to make bread in the wee small hours so I have to put the dough in the fridge over night and start again the next day.  I tend to want to do my cooking in the morning when I am fresh and eager to go but I think the dough might be better made in the late evening so it is ready to go the next morning.

The dogs have just come back from their walk or should I say swim the tide was in so they have both been swimming this morning.  I really don't understand how dogs seem to be oblivious to the water temperature.  There are no gasps as they plunge into icy cold water they just seem to think it is all great fun.  Given that they run on a higher temperature than us it must be even more of a shock to the system.  

Well time is marching on and the bread is calling me to get on with it so I had better close and do something constructive.  Have a good day all and enjoy the warmth of the sun.......

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