Monday Morning

Good morning all here we are at the beginning of yet another week. Yesterdays roast belly of pork was a huge success with acres of crispy crackling which is of course the best bit.  I cooked it on a trivet of vegetables which made a wonderful gravy.  I have 4 ribs worth left over so they are going to be put in some sweet and sour sauce which is ready made and in the freezer so that will make a nice easy lunch for us today.  I did some experimental cookery for supper.  I saw, on the internet, an idea of freezing eggs out of their shells then making poached eggs direct from frozen.  Don't bother it doesn't work you loose about half of the egg white to the water and I can poach eggs much better direct from the shells.  Oh well you never know until you try and it did sound like a good idea.  Now I come to think about it freezers have been around for a long time and I am sure someone must have tried this before.  If it worked it would be common knowledge. 

Yesterday was viewing day next door and there were several sets of people wandering around the house so we will have to see if they have managed to sell the property.  I still don't know why they have put the house up for sale and my nosey gene is driving me mad!!!!  I can't very well go and knock on the door and ask them straight out so I am hoping to bump into them in the garden when the question will not be so obviously nosey but they are pretty elusive and the weather has not been exactly garden friendly.

The laundry got done and now I have a nice pile of ironing and/or folding yes I am still in folding mode.  Sometimes I wish I had a whole day to accomplish something but my days are punctuated with family meals which don't cook themselves.  Most of us would be happy with a sandwich but Mike insists on a proper meal a lunch time.  I comply purely to to keep the peace and I know if I did an evening meal Mike's portion would end up in the bin. However it does cramp my style somewhat!!!

Well thats about it for this morning the weather is cold and miserable so a day for staying indoors I think.  

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