Monday morning

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day but it was actually pretty cold.  I had a lazy day as lunch was already cooked there was little to do.  The boys suggested a takeaway for supper and I was happy to go along with the idea.  I left them to choose as the biggest treat for me is not having to decide what to have.  They chose Chinese which was lovely. We are absolutely surrounded by takeaways and I think we could eat for month from a different one each day.  Mind you their menus are all the same sort of stuff all the indians have the same menu as do the Chinese.

Last night I put a load of dried flageolet beans in to soak and today they will be pressure cooked cooled and frozen so they are ready when I want them.  I am rubbish at remembering to soak beans overnight so it makes sense to do them in one hit and freeze in portions.  It also means that I have a bit more space in my cupboards.

I have been waiting for a lady who expressed interest in the caravan but she seems to have forgotten about it so I will email her and tell her that I intend to sell soon and cannot wait any longer.  Lots of things can then get moving once that is done.  Though I have put a house move on the back burner as there is just too much chaos to move house as well and I just don't have the strength at the moment.

Denzil has gone off to work and the dogs are all confused as he is the one who has been taking them for a walk first thing.  They are now pestering James who is the next best option.  He likes to walk in the mornings as it gets his foot going after a night it bed it ceases up and needs some exercise to loosen it up.

This morning is lovely and sunny but it is very cold outside and I am trapped in the house waiting for a courier to collect a parcel.  I have no idea what time he will come so my whole day is basically on hold until he has been.  You can guarantee if I went out for 5 minutes that is when he would arrive so I am going to sit tight and hope he comes this morning.

Anyway time for a second cup of coffee and time to get the beans on to cook.  Have a great day and don't be fooled by the sun it is still cold.

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