Monday Morning

Well we have had a strange weekend the early mornings have been gorgeous and sunny then in the later afternoon we have had downpours and yesterday we had thunder and lightening to go with it.

James made it to Hull in good time and is happily playing with his friend who is a computer buff and they are setting up a computer for him.  He is also getting some lessons in exactly how the thing works so that is good news for all of us.

Denzil and I took ourselves to Aldi and treated the family to some really lovely sirloin steaks for lunch.  Today we are off to Faversham to buy coffee, well that is the excuse, we will meet up with Sandi and have a breakfast as well.  No doubt I will be tempted with the cheese counter and the vegetables and fruit are stunning.  I am hoping to get some beef bones from the butcher to make some beef stock for the freezer and now that I have my patented method to store it taking up the minimum of space I can make more without filling the freezer with stock.

My sourdough  finally ended up in the bin it had completely collapsed and was just a mess so it was not even good enough to make crackers with.  It would have made good chicken food but sadly I no longer have my hens so the bin was the only solution.  I felt bad throwing it away but some times you need to recognise when you are beaten.  The next loaf I will start at night and see if that gives me a bit of a head start.

Time is marching on and I need to be ready to leave in 35 minutes and I am not even dressed yet so I had better get going if I am to be on time.  Have a good day all.......

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