Friday morning

Well it had to happen some time! sitting in my dining room are three Morphy Richards stand mixers. 
 I ordered one from Amazon as wedding present for a niece and three turned up.  Had I been the one answering the door I could of accepted only one but sadly Mike accepted all three and now I am having to check out the returns policy.  I checked out the site and it seems easy enough so I started to print off the returns labels and the printer packed up after just one label was printed.  It is out of ink and did I have any standing by, no of course not.  Anyway this mornings email has informed me that they will be picking them up some time today.  Apparently they will email me a one hours slot but as yet that email has not arrived.  It is going to cost me to have them collected but they are big boxes and posting them is not an option besides I think it would cost me even more.  Hopefully what looks like a very expensive mistake may not be as bad as I first thought.  Don't ask me how this happened as I don't have the faintest clue.

Yesterday was a bit of a non day for me I felt very tired and had a thick head so after lunch I went for a sleep and slept like the dead for three hours so I must have needed it.  Hence the parcel disaster!!!
Anyway I am feeling considerably refreshed today and have just put a big pot of red beans on to cook in the pressure cooker they have been soaking over night and once cooked I am going to divide them into portions and freeze them.  I am hopeless at remembering to soak beans over night so this will sort the problem out once and for all.  I have an assortment of dried beans of various colours so I am going to do the same with each which will clear a nice space in the cupboard.

The guy is coming this morning to measure up for my curtain so I must go and make sure my bedroom doesn't look like the local tip.  Actually that is an insult to our local tip which is very tidy and well run but you know what I mean.

I never got around to making the bolognese sauce so perhaps it might be on today's to do list unless I decide to make a big cottage pie with the mince.  Silly me, once the beans are done I could make a smaller pie and some chilli with the rest.

Anyway time is running away with me again so I must get going and fingers crossed that the parcel problem sorts itself out.

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