Friday morning

I can hardly believe that we have gone past yet another week.  The lovely sunny weather seems to have disappeared and today it is very grey and blowy.  I now have a date for the caravan clearance 17/18 May so I shall be going up to Suffolk for a couple of days and staying in the B&B while I deal with the van.  I am going to be so relieved to get this out of the way.  It has been hanging over me like a big black cloud.  

The dogs next door had me awake during the night with their barking and then I had trouble getting back to sleep.  I finally dosed off at about 3am and slept until now.  Talking of dogs I have been monitoring the Spinone Appreciation branch of Facebook and finally I put a couple of pictures on and have been completely bowled over with the responses.  Not quite viral but close!!!  

Todays lunch is already made I have done lamb with flageolet beans which was done in the slow cooker so all I need to do is heat it up.  The bavette steaks we had for lunch yesterday were very nice and I cooked them as I thought fit which is to frighten them with a griddle pan then let them rest for 5 minutes and slice across the grain.  I did a caesar type salad to accompany and some potato croquettes.  As you can imagine this was a very substantial lunch so supper was a non event with each of us making a sandwich or an omelette.  

James is making me breakfast as I am naughty and seldom bother so I had better wind up this blog for today have a good one all. 
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