Friday morning

Good morning all well the lovely spring weather has vanished and we are back to wet and windy but the couple of nice days certainly raised the spirits.  The tide was in yesterday when the dogs had their walk so it also included a swim this is the only area where Dan is definitely the champion.  Given the size of his paddles that is no surprise.  Tubby's tiny paws are no match in the water.  

Yesterday I contacted Mark the gardener but sadly he and his partner are no longer doing garden maintenance.  They have moved into hard landscaping which leaves me with a dilemma.  I will have to search out an alternative or do the work myself.  I know that it is too much for me so I don't really have a choice.   I am glad for Mark as his business is flourishing but I am sad for me!!!! 

Mike has some hearing aid people coming today to look at his ears I am a little worried that they will try to sell really expensive aids which Mike is just as unlikely to wear as the ones he currently has.  

I still keep looking at bungalows but it is unlikely that we will be able to move anytime soon as life is just to messy.  Talking of selling the neighbours no longer have a for sale sign out side and I may well have missed the most obvious reason and that is that the sign had been put on the wrong house.  I hope this is the case as they are very nice people.  

On todays menu I have a pork tenderloin which I intend to stuff with some apricots and wrap in bacon and throw in the oven for lunch and I have some meatballs ready for supper so that is the days food sorted.  I am hoping the boys will have a tip run and take some of the rubbish stuff and get rid of it.

The dogs are now back and sopping wet so time for a towel and breakfast - I have some pikelets I made yesterday which will be fine for breakfast.

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