Friday Morning

Well here we are in April can you believe it what happened to March?  Shiona came over yesterday and we went curtain shopping.  I have found the most wonderful shop on a new small industrial estate where they do every conceivable type of curtain you can imagine and all made to order.  The shop assistant was really helpful and I think I have chosen a nice fabric but it is hell to try choosing from so many different types and patterns.  The material I have chosen has a cream background with a small pattern picking out the colours of my new bedding.  As the room is so small I have avoided anything with large patterns as it will swamp the whole room.  Anyway fingers crossed that I have chosen well.  It was nice to have Shiona's input and we had great fun looking at all the innovations in curtaining, how about a blind with a photo of your choice printed on it.  Everywhere we looked we found things we liked.  Anyway the guy is coming round to measure and let me see the curtaining in the room it is intended for as the colours are always different in natural light.

On the way back we swung round via Aldi as Shiona was out of chocolate and I bought a couple of small chickens which are destined for stock.  I put them through the oven as it was already hot then at midnight as I was still awake I dismantled the birds and saved the best meat for eating but the rest is all going in the pressure cooker to make stock.  I noticed that in the freezer I have lots of seafood shells that I have saved for a seafood stock.  I think now would be a good time to make it and clear a bit of space in the freezer.  I am not a total purist but homemade stock is always nice to have at hand though stock cubes make a good standby. 

Today looks sunny but it is very cold at the moment and I have a couple of errands to run so I am going to get the stock into the new pot and hopefully leave it all alone to do its thing.  With that in mind I had better make a start or the day will run away with me.  Have a good day all and lets hope spring is really here.........
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