Good morning all I had a lovely time at Shiona's yesterday and the drive through was fine as I had left home just after 9am which saw the worst of the traffic gone.  James did supper last night and he decided to do some little spring rolls which needed the deep fat fryer and now the whole house smells like a chip shop.  Yesterday was the first relatively warm sunny day of spring and I drove home with the car windows wide open, I think if it is similar today I need to open all the windows in the house and get rid of the chip smell.

Today I am finally going to the hair dresser so I will be goodbye shaggy pony for a while.  My dough is on hold and I think I may use the sponge to make a loaf today but I am not too hopeful of success however we ate the last loaf which was a pancake but the flavour was good.  Eventually I will get myself organised and make the bread when I have the time.

I am trying to work my freezer down as I am intending to make a variety of stocks and sauces to freeze for a later date.  To this end I decided that my slow cooker was not big enough and neither was the pressure cooker so I pushed out the boat and bought a larger device which does both jobs so I can dispose of two items and replace with one.  As yet I haven't had a chance to use the new piece of equipment but I think it will solve a few problems.  It also makes yoghurt so it really is multifunctional and takes up the same space as the slow cooker.  Shiona would like the slow cooker as hers is dead so I even have a home for the discards.

Well I am now being harassed by the family so writing is impossible and I will close and get on with some work.
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