At last the computer desk is done I managed to get it done just before Denny arrived, talk about leaving it to the last minute.  Anyway most of the crud is now in the shredder I think unattended paper work breeds all on its own!!!  The sour dough loaf has more in keeping with a pancake than a loaf and you do need a good set of teeth to tackle a slice the flavour is nice but the texture is that of building material. I can only persevere and hope the next one is a bit better.  I did however have a success with the pork tenderloin.  The bacon coat makes a very attractive finish and gives what is a pretty tasteless piece of meat a bit of help.  I had opened it up and filled it with sage and onion stuffing so it was actually very tasty.

On todays menu is a chilli con carne I am hoping that I have sufficient ingredients to make enough for two meals and one can go in the freezer for another day. I also would like to give the bathroom a good blitz there is a tide mark on the tiles where I have wiped up as far as I can reach so I need to take the steps with me so I can get right to the top.  The boys have been stripping off their bedding and putting it through the wash and as neither of them care if the sheets are ironed that makes easy work for me.  

It is another deeply dull day here we are under a huge blanket of cloud and though it is warmer it is really miserable with no sun. Having just typed that, the sun has broken through a gap in the clouds and come flooding into the house.  The dogs were very disappointed that they were kept indoors to let Tubby's foot heal and sadly they just don't understand you are doing things for the best not out of malice or plain laziness.

I was reading last night about people who prepare ingredients in bags ready for the slow cooker which they keep in the freezer.  Sounded like a good idea until I realised that none of the onions/garlic got a quick fry which does alter the flavour and not for the better.  I'm sure there must be things which would work well but as yet I cannot think what.  I suppose if I were working it might be more appealing.

Have a good one 

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