Wednesday morning

Good morning all well it is hosing down with rain this morning but at least it is a bit warmer. Yesterday I bit the bullet and made a start on the sour dough starter now I am into just feeding and caring for my new pet.  I am in a bit of a rush as I am meeting Sandy for breakfast in Faversham so I need to get a move on.  

My menu has been kicked into touch today as the fish monger delivered me the most beautiful cod fillet  which is going on the lunch menu.  I intend to cook it very simply by pan frying and serve with boiled potatoes and a parsley sauce.  The one fillet is ample for the four of us so as you can imagine it is large.  

The slow cooker is full full of roast butternut squash and red pepper soup which just needs to be whizzed to creaminess.  No doubt I will return from the shop with other goodies though my main reason for going is to get coffee.  Actually I buy less than I should so it gives me an excuse to have a breakfast with Sandy and a good old chin wag.  Living as I do in a house full of men I do crave a bit of female company from time to time.  

The weather is pretty foul with high winds so I will need to drive with care and it is definitely a day for wet weather gear.  The shop itself is perishingly cold with concrete floors I really feel for the staff as it is so cold but the vegetables stay nice and fresh in the fridge like conditions.  

Well that is the plan for the morning so I had better get my coffee and get dressed or I will be late and  that is something I hate I am a very punctual person and would rather be there half an hour early than one minute late. 

Have a good day all and if you are blessed with the same weather try to stay dry.
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