Wednesday morning

With the bank holiday and the hour change I am all in a muddle it feels like Tuesday, the dogs are confused as meal times seem to have changed.  Give it a week and we will all settle into the new routine.  With Denny charging around like a whirling dervish I could only do some pikelets and make burgers for lunch.  They were superior burgers as they were wagyu beef and the rolls came straight from the bakers which seems to have reopened.   Maybe they were just shut for a break but I am very glad it is not a permanent closure.  It is nice to have a baker within walking distance from home. Donkeys years ago we had a butcher, green grocer and a delicatessen but now we are surrounded with cafes and take aways. Things change and not always for the better, fortunately we still have two indian run mini markets so if you suddenly run out of something it is only a few steps to go and get it.

Yesterday started of nice and bright and I took Dan out for a training session he is very keen and eager to learn but he is still a bit over exuberant.  Age and practice will cure that.  I keep the sessions down to 20 minutes max so he doesn't have a chance to get bored.  At the moment we are working on directional work which means throwing two dummies out one left and one right then sending to retrieve the one I want not the one he chooses. My throwing is such rubbish that a couple of times the dummies landed in bushes but no matter it is good for him to search for them and use his nose.

Come lunch time the skies clouded over and went completely black and we had another down pour accompanied with strong winds.  I hope this is the last of the passing storms and we still have a roof on the house though there were times when I thought we might loose it.

Today I have some ironing to keep me busy and I am still dithering about my wardrobe but first I must find some boxes to put on the shelves to keep things tidy once they are all folded up nicely.  I think I have some baskets in the garage which might fit the bill.  

I have heard nothing about the caravan and I am getting a bit anxious as I do need to get rid of it as soon as possible.  I will have to drop the lady who was interested a line and check to see if she has changed her mind.  If so I will go and clean it up and tow it straight to a dealer and sell it for whatever I can get.  Once it is gone I can seriously start looking for a newer car.

Well thats about it for today the sun is shining and the day is running away with me.  Have a good day all................

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