Wednesday morning

Good morning all - what a day I had yesterday Denny was in the mood to clean and so was I so between the pair of us the dining room has had a major spring clean.  I have a bit of a passion for crystal and have lots of vases of varying sizes which are out on display which means they get filthy. With two people it is relatively easy to clean, as on strips the other washes and returns. We worked systematically round the room and all the pictures came down for a good clean the shelves were gone over and rubbish removed.  The boys kept out of the way and took the old chest of drawers to the tip and got rid of that.  The only thing left to do is the computer desk which only I can do so that is my project for today.  

It really does lift the spirits to come down and find the room all lovely and clean and sparkling.  On my menu today is the salad nicoise that I have been hankering for.  It is a nice easy job to make as it is just a bit of boiling then assembling with a good dressing.  I think I have some fresh tuna in the freezer so I can throw a bit on the griddle pan, I also have an odd piece of salmon which can join the tuna.  If we have a salad for lunch the boys will require something more substantial for dinner so I think some sort of pasta fest is in order.  I have some left over meatballs which I will break up in a tin of tomatoes and make some sort of sauce for the pasta.

I think we used every single cloth I have in our cleaning effort so my clothes horse is completely draped in cleaning clothes which have been washed ready for the next purge.  Now that I have a clean start I really must keep abreast of the dust and not let it run away with me again.  Although we have cleaned the surface I am aware that I need to turn out the various cupboards and drawers which are still hiding plenty of rubbish.  

Well if I am to get anything done today I had better get going and go to the freezer and search out the bits I need.  I also need to get the rubbish out for the dustmen who will be here soon.  

Have a good day all and if you too have the cleaning bug enjoy the finished results.........

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