Well I slightly jumped the gun yesterday, the wind had brought down a tree which had fallen in the pond. Where else would it fall! It took both the boys and I most of the morning to demolish it and drag it to the bonfire.  We are going to let it dry out before burning it. Fortunately it's done no permanent damage that we have noticed yet.  After we had struggled with assorted saws and loppers I found the chain saw but it was too late.  Still at least I know where it is now so when we come to burning I can easily chop the branches into manageable pieces.

So that was the excitement for the day mean while and in between I made two large shepherds pies one we had for supper and one is destined for the freezer.  Today I had visions of a raw fish dish cooked in lime juice but I am rapidly going off the idea.  I think the wagyu burgers seem much more what I am after.  Denny is here already and going through the kitchen at a rate of knots so I had better get myself in the shower and and make myself fit to face the day.  The dogs are back from their walk and it chaos here so impossible to write.  Have a good day all.......
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