Tuesday morning

The washing machine is working thank heavens for friends who know what they are doing with electrics. The problem had to be tracked back up the garden and in the end we found a plug in the green house which was to blame for tripping the switches.  New plug and all was well and the back log of washing is now underway.  I managed to clear last weeks ironing out of the way so we have a fresh start.  

Now I have a bit of a problem with my sourdough I made a sponge yesterday evening ready to make a loaf today but sadly I forgot that I am off to Shiona's today and now I don't know what to do.  Do I make up the full mix and leave it rising in cool place or do I put the sponge in the fridge until I get back? either way I am going to be making bread at midnight.  I suppose if push comes to shove I could convert the sponge into pikelet or cracker mix and start the loaf again tomorrow.  Tomorrow I have a hair appointment but that only takes an hour out of the day so I should be able to work around that.

I spent some time reading the book on how to tidy and one thing struck me as very true when it comes to throwing away you should actually do it the other way around and decide what you are going to keep then what is left is for throwing away.  My trouble is I can always see another use for something which may come in handy.  Yesterday was a perfect example I needed a new plug to fix the electrics so I cut one off an old deep fat fryer which has not made it to tip yet.  However I can start with my clothes and no demoting things to garden attire.  It will be the kitchen which will be the most difficult so that will be left until last when I am more skilled at the tidy lark.  I must say I like the idea of vertical stacking so you can see every item and remove one without demolishing the whole pile.  I may not make it to minimalist glory but it should make some difference to the clutter. Why am I on this mission? well a tidy house is easy to keep clean so in the end I hope to cut back on some of the cleaning and make what there is much quicker and easier.  I also like the idea of doing things by category rather than by room.  So when it comes to the kitchen I can do saucepans as a category.  Once I have selected what I want to keep then the rest is easy, stuff good enough for charity shop and the rest for the bin.

Well thats about it for today I think I have decided to put the sourdough in the fridge and slow it down and make the bread tomorrow when I have the time to keep an eye on it.

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