Tuesday morning

Good morning all the sourdough saga continues it had not made much progress so I stuck it in the fridge over night and today I will have another go.  Sorry about the pornographic photo but I couldn't resist taking it with my new phone.  As you can see Dan is quite partial to a king sized bed and quite happy to display his parts for all to see.  Forgetting the subject matter I am very pleased with the quality of the picture it is a vast improvement on the old phone.

The meals yesterday were nice and easy as I spent some time shopping so we had ravioli for lunch and scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast for supper. I also spent ages trying to put my menu on the paprika program but it was a case of trial and error learning which is pretty slow.  However, once done it does allow me to make a shopping list from the menu which should be quite handy. Today I have a pork fillet which I intend to stuff and warp in bacon for lunch and tonight we will be lazy and have chicken and chips takeaway.  

Tubby has a cut paw and is on house arrest for a couple of days while it heals but he really doesn't understand why he is not going out and Dan is even more confused. This area is dangerous for dogs paws as the ground is full of flint and it is as sharp as glass.  I bought some oranges for the fruit bowl but Dan thought they were balls so I threw one for him to retrieve.  As soon as he got it in his mouth he decided it was a living thing and needed to be kicked to death first.  As it didn't react to being kicked he brought it back happily and very dead in his mind.  The only time I have seen this behaviour is when Basso was sent to pick up a dead squirrel which he gave a good kicking to before risking picking it up, very bright, as squirrels are dangerous and bite dogs.

Time is slipping by and Denny will be here soon so I had better go and hit the shower.  Have a good day all 
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