Tuesday Morning

Good morning all - I am all behind this morning Denny is already here and started and I am lagging behind.  It is raining this morning but much warmer and the boys are on their way to the tip with the old chest of drawers.  

Yesterday I made a start on the dining room and took the welsh dresser to bits and cleaned all the china which was horribly dusty.  The ratatouille was a great success and though it took a while to make it was worth the time.  Today we are having corned beef hash for lunch and some sort of noodle fest for supper. 

The respiratory nurse came to see Mike yesterday and has organised more supplies of oxygen to be delivered today along with a trolly so he can eventually get out in the garden when the weather improves.

Sorry but I am in a rush now and need to get on so I will stop scribbling and go and get dressed and get stuck in.
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