Good morning all we seem to have sunshine this morning and the temperature is reasonable.  I am at last no longer a shaggy pony and my head is 10lbs lighter or at least that is how it feels.  I had a bit of a bad night and discovered my bread was about ready at 2am well I wasn't going to deal with it then so I slammed it in the fridge and hopefully I can continue today.  I haven't looked yet it may have over proved and collapsed in which case it will be crisp breads.  I made some soup in the new pressure cooker and was delighted with the machine there was no hissing and spitting it was completely silent with the exception of it beeping when done.  I chucked everything in and pressed the soup button and just left it to do its own thing.  It does have a feature that I really like and that is you can sauté in it before going into pressure mode which meant I could give the vegetables a bit of a browning before adding the liquid.  Wonderful.  Yes I know that the thermomix will do this but it makes very small quantities and if you need to do stocks etc you really need a bigger pot.  Once it reaches pressure it then counts down so you can instantly see how long you have to go.  Allowing it to depressurise naturally takes about 10 minutes.  Anyway I am delighted with its performance so far and I am looking forward to playing with some of the other functions.

It looks huge in this picture but actually it takes up no more room than my old crock pot slow cooker. The boys took one look at it and decided that you need a degree in aeronautical engineering before you are competent to operate it.  I think my kitchen has more in common with an F16 fighter cockpit than a kitchen.  Anyway it amuses me and I like learning new things and if it turns out edible food so much the better.  

I have been reading the Marie Kondo book on how to tidy and I am now in full folding mode and am gradually working through my bedroom.  So far my underwear and socks are all done and the draws look lovely if only I can keep them that way!!! This is the easy bit I am not sure how I will manage when it comes to books, of which, I have hundreds most of them are cookery or gardening books.  I suppose that I need to move with the times as I must admit if I am looking for recipes I usually start with the internet where you can find everything you could possibly want.

Time to bite the bullet and look at my poor old sourdough which has been waiting for attention for days.  If it all goes to hell in a hand cart all I have lost is a bit of flour and water.  It is not as if I have ruined a fillet steak or a lobster.

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