Thursday morning

Good morning all after yesterdays bright start the weather turned and we had hail and rain to end the day with and this morning is dull but dry and there is no more of the wild winds we have been having lately.  

Yesterday I made a lunch that I thought everyone would complain about but amazingly it went down very well.  I did a piece of cod which was finely sliced and then put in loads of lime juice for a while to "cook" It was then dressed with a lime and olive oil dressing with a scattering of coriander this was served with an orange and fennel salad and some sourdough pikelets.  To my absolute surprise it was demolished with gusto and despite being a light meal it kept us happy until supper time.  Had I cooked the cod in the usual way it would have been a portion for one but by using this method I stretched it for 4.  It was surprisingly un fishy and if it is good enough for the staff of elBulli then it is good enough for us.

Today Shiona is coming over to us and I hope she is going to accompany me to the curtain shop and help me choose a black out curtain for my bedroom.  Boys are great for fallen trees but rubbish at choosing curtaining.  The boys would be quite happy if I hung potato sacks at the windows!!! There are times when another woman is needed.  It is so long since I have bought any curtains I have no idea what is available now by way of fabrics.

Fortunately I have the second shepherds pie available for lunch and with a little added veg on the side it should make a decent meal and I wont have to spend the day in the kitchen.  My folding mania has subsided a little but is still on the back burner and to that end last night I folded all my night clothes and put them in a basket I found in the garage.  I am having to attack things piece meal as I just don't have the time to have a major clear out in one go.  However I am being ruthless with the rubbish. Once I have got to grips with my room I can then move on to other rooms but the one that frightens me is the kitchen.  The outside of the cupboards are pristine but inside is a confusion stuff much of which really should go in the bin. I think if I can thin things out it will make life much easier in the long run but it does fill me with horror at the very thought.  I have lots of dried beans of every description and I am wondering if I could cook the lot up and make a mixed bean salad or put them in the freezer for other dishes.  I tend to use tinned beans now so they are kind of redundant.  

Right thats it, the longer I sit here the more jobs I add to my to-do list so instead I will get going and get some of the jobs done.

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