Thursday morning

What a difference a day makes today we have clear skys and wall to wall sunshine.  Yesterday I had quite a productive day in the kitchen - I made a big batch of chilli con carne half of which is in the freezer.  I refilled my boxes of ready prepared basic vegetables which reduces the amount of time it takes to make things.  I also spent some time in my bedroom taking down the curtains and the lamp shades both of which needed a good wash.  I seem to have the cleaning bug now that Denny has kicked me into touch.  Cleaning the dining room and kitchen has spurred me on to get stuck in and get other areas up to standard.  There is still plenty more to do but I don't feel so daunted about tackling it.  My next project will have to be my wardrobe which actually looks more like a knitting shop than a place to store clothing.

I have finally made an appointment to have my hair done but not until next Wednesday so I will have to look like a shaggy pony for a while longer.   The new bedding I ordered arrived and I am delighted with my purchase.
This is the advertising photo 

Now I will not get my stuff all muddled up with the other three beds.  There is something very luxurious about a newly made bed.  Some of my sheets and duvet covers have reached the end of their lives and are only good for rags.  Purple is not a colour I would normally go for but I fell in love with this set.  

On today's menu there are some lamb cutlets with dauphinois potatoes and supper will be some pasta and borlotti bean soup which is quite substantial.  I can also make some pikelets to go with it.  At some point I will have to try another loaf and hope for something a bit better than a pancake.  

Well that is the plan for the day so time I got going I know I am posting much later these days as I am now managing to sleep on after initially waking at 3 or 4 in the morning so I am taking advantage of the added hours of sleep.
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