Thursday Morning

Good morning all after a really miserable day here yesterday weather wise, it is bright and sunny but that is how yesterday started off, it was all down hill from there.  Lets hope today is better and stays sunny.  I made the salad nicoise for lunch and there was sufficient for Mike and I to have a portion for supper.  However, by 10pm I was ravenous so I made myself a quick stir-fry and boy did I suffer the consequences. I was up and down all night with a gippy tummy so now I feel shattered.  I don't have anything important to do today so I may well collapse back into bed and knit until I feel a bit better.  Fortunately Denzil has walked the dogs and the fridge and cupboards are full so I might give myself a day off and just slob around until my internal combustion has settled down.  The boys are perfectly capable of looking after Mike and themselves so I can throw the towel in with a clear conscience.  

Tomorrow I will need to be around as the engineer is coming to service Mike oxygen enriching machine.  Needless to say they were unable to give me a time so the day will be on hold until he comes.  As I will be trapped it might be a good time to get to grips with the computer desk which is pigs breakfast at the moment and full of redundant paper work.  I have bills dating back to Noah and the flood which I can send happily into the shredder.  We were a bit dubious as to wether the bin men would take the huge cardboard box that the chest of drawers came in but bless their cotton socks they took it which has saved us the job of getting rid of it.  There is still a big pile of stuff for the tip but we will gradually get that disposed of and my charity box is almost full so time to get rid of that.  This is a very slow way to declutter but it is working and I am not killing myself in the process.  

Well that about it time for some coffee if my stomach will have it.  Have a good day all.    

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