Good morning all yesterday is probably best forgotten I didn't accomplish any of my projects and ended up fighting with my knitting.  To cut a very long and tedious story short I lost the battle and the knitting is beyond help and now in the bin.  What a colossal waste of time I don't think I have ever had quite such a disaster with knitting.  Anyway it is no great loss as I didn't like it anyway and was going to send it straight to charity.

Denzil and James went off to Tunbridge wells as Denzil had an appointment to check his heart to satisfy the DVLA who are now paranoid after the dustbin lorry disaster in Scotland.  All was well and he has passed with flying colours. So that is just one more hoop jumped through.  Working abroad for 10 years has caused a bureaucratic nightmare and we are gradually wading through the treacle that is our system in this country.

So today is the first day of spring not that you would notice here it is dull and miserable again with no sun just heavy clouds.  Yesterdays menu got put on hold as the boys were out for lunch and I have pushed it all on one day.

I haven't mentioned Mike for a while but he is making progress I think the penny has finally dropped that no amount of spitting venom at us is going to improve his condition.  He seems more relaxed and is definitely a bit more friendly.  It is miserable being tethered to an oxygen supply but we are making the best of it.  He has enough tubing to allow him to wander around down stairs and he allowed Denzil to put the clippers over his head on a number 4 and has suddenly realised how much easier it is to have very short hair.  

Today I will have to catch up on all that I abandoned yesterday, the ironing is mounting and I really need to get some done and out of the way.  Lunch is easy as it is just some stir-fry pork with a sweet and sour sauce and some rice.  It will take no longer than it does to boil the rice.  I had intended to go shopping today but I think I can put that off until tomorrow.  First I need to make a menu so I know what to buy, yes that too got put on hold.

Have a nice day even if the weather is grotty.
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