Sunday morning

Good morning all we have a bit of sunshine this morning and no frost.  I was a wake half the night with my head spinning with passwords.  Yes, you've got it I was setting up my new phone.  Most of the functions are very similar though I do like the fingerprint entry feature.  The camera has many added features like slow motion and time lapse as well as panoramic so I should have a bit of fun with that.  At the moment the only thing I can't do is make a phone call as I have no money on the phone yet!!!!! But I am thrilled like a kid at christmas.

The venison haunch has been sitting in its marinade over night so today should just be a bit of braising and as I already have ready prepared vegetables it will only take seconds to get it underway. I was going to make a sourdough loaf today but I think I will postpone that until tomorrow and make a sponge overnight ready to roll tomorrow morning. The starter is good and frothy so I hope it will all work well and should need feeding less often.  Every recipe I look at gives different numbers as to how to proceed so I am going to follow Hugh Fernly's method and see how that goes.

The other job I must do is the computer desk which is still thick with dust and mess and if Denny sees that on Tuesday I will be for the high jump.  I find that these days I am so laid back nothing gets to me and I think this may well be the antidepressants which are doing their job but leave me a bit flat and uninterested.  I used to be a strike while the iron is hot type person now everything is mañana. I have great difficulty in getting myself going and really have to push to get things done 
leaving everything until the last minute. Fortunately Denny lights a fire under me which I desperately 

That is the plan for the day time to go and rattle a few pans then I will tackle the final bits on the phone.
Have a great day all.......

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