Sunday morning

Good morning all it is another very cold day but dry no signs of snow just bright sunshine.  I made some salsa verde yesterday and remembered just how much I love it.  I have the ingredients to make a second batch and I am wondering if it will freeze.  Pesto freezes so I see no reason why this too should not freeze.  These are the ingredients I used  parsley, basil, capers, gherkins, garlic, dijon mustard and then lots of olive oil and lemon juice.  I used the nutri-bullet machine to blitz it to a sauce consistency It is a great sauce to liven up anything boiled or steamed be it meat fish or vegetables.  I particularly enjoyed it on the boiled beetroot which is not my favourite vegetable as I find it too sweet but with the sauce it took away the over sweetness.  Although it is a pretty strong sauce somehow it doesn't detract or smother the main ingredient.

Things never happen at a convenient time do they? I was in the middle of preparing lunch with pots boiling all over the stove when Mikes oxygen machine started to play up and was firing off its alarm. I ran through the basics of checking the electrics switching if on and off and trying to reset it but it was persistent so in the end I had to phone the company and an engineer walked me through what to do and at last we managed to shut the thing up.  Meanwhile my veg over cooked and the meat went cold so it was back to the kitchen to sort out the lunch mess.  

After lunch I settled down to do a bit of complicated knitting.  I hate patterns which are based on row counting rather than measurements.  This one has made me furious the fronts ask for you to commence the front slope when you have knitted 32 rows less than the back which I calculate to be 62 rows it is an 8 row pattern with things to do on the 5th then 6th and 8th rows and repeat until 42 stitches remain so constant counting.  What a muddle of instructions it took all my concentration to complete this part of the front and keep the cable running straight.  I have knitted aran type sweaters before but I don't remember having such difficulty, maybe I am just getting old and senile.  Anyway it is done now and hopefully I will do the other front to match.  

I never got round to do the ironing so it is still waiting for attention and that will be my first job this morning I want it done and out of the way before next weeks washing comes to join it.  I have a real fancy for some roast pork for lunch today so I will have to hit the shops and get some as I don't have any in the freezer.  Actually what I fancy is crackling stuffing and apple sauce the pork is just a carrier for these item.  

Well what ever I am doing I had better get on with it as time is running away with me so second coffee and off we go.  Have a lovely peaceful Sunday........
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