Good morning all a better night last night no dogs barking at 2am to wake me.  As a dog owner myself I am hesitant to criticise other owners but next doors dogs are completely undisciplined  and bark constantly.  They are very small dogs and so have a high pitched yap which is quite piercing. Very fortunately they don't set my dogs off even though they get barked at every time they venture into the garden.  

Yesterday while I was gathering a few ingredients in Aldi I found some largish ham joints so I bought one and put it straight in the pressure cooker 35 minute later it was done so today for lunch we will be having ham with parsley sauce and boiled vegetables. The stock from the ham is a bit salty so I thought I would boil the vegetables in the stock and so reduce the salinity.  The sourdough loaf has all but disappeared so I guess it is time to make another and maybe this time I might get my timings right.  I restocked my bread flour yesterday so there should be no hiccups.

Yesterday was a lovely warm sunny day and the windows got thrown open and finally the chip shop smell has dissipated. It really does linger and in future any deep fat frying will be done in the garage/butlers pantry.  The washing machine has been going full tilt for a couple of days to catch up the pile of laundry that had accumulated while it was out of action.  With 4 adults in the house there is quite a lot to do.  Fortunately it doesn't all fall to me as both boys are washing machine competent so they put on loads as necessary.

I am still itching to get to grips with my wardrobe but as yet I have not found a long enough peaceful time to devote to it.  I don't want to rush at it and get it wrong I am hoping if I get it right it will not need doing again ever!!!!!Well at least for another year or so.  I'm sure it is one of those jobs that daunt you but once you get going you realise it is not that bad and actually takes less time than you think.

Well that is the plan for the day the dogs are out with Denzil and everyone else is asleep so I can get on with my veg prep and have a bit of a tidy in the kitchen.  Tomorrow will be the traditional leg of lamb provided I remember to get it out of the freezer today so that is my first job.  Have a great Easter what are you having for Sunday lunch?

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