Saturday morning

Another dull dismal start to the weekend but I slept like some sort of Roman Empress last night in my royal purple sumptuous bed.  Isn't it silly that something so trivial as new sheets can make me so happy.  However, when I think about it, it is often very small things and minor successes that actually give the most pleasure.  I managed to make a start on the bathroom yesterday and steam cleaned the floor. At which point I realised that I would be needing some more floor pads so they are on order from Amazon.  On my list of jobs to do today is a pile of ironing and then I need to make a menu for the forthcoming week.  It is handy to look back at the last couple of weeks so that I am not repeating the same old dishes week in and week out.  I am finding a heading like fish or pork or cheese then gives me the flexibility to use ingredients that I have lying around and taylor my meals to the time I have available and I don't feel that I am flying by the seat of my pants.

The cleaning is going to plan which is to do just one small job each day rather than go at it like a bull in a china shop and exhaust myself.  With the boys here they also take up some of the slack which is helpful.  They are also tall enough to reach things I need the step ladder for.  As the house is quite old the ceilings are 9 foot tall which I like but it has its own problems.

I have no plans for the weekend just keeping the show on the road and doing some shopping and with any luck I might finish my knitting.

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