Saturday morning

Good morning all very late this morning I woke early and put myself back to bed and duly fell fast asleep.  

Yesterday, I played with my sourdough starter and discarded a cup full which I made into pikelets. As they came out of the pan they were eaten before I had a chance to photograph them not that they were particularly beautiful but they sure were tasty.  Today is day five of the culture process so tomorrow I should be ready to make the first loaf.  I think this is the part I will find difficult as I will have to be patient and wait for it to rise which takes much longer than when using yeast. Anyway time will tell....  I am a little wary of using the banneton as the last time I didn't flour it heavily enough and everything stuck which made getting it out a real pain.  Fingers crossed I do better tomorrow.  

As I am up so late I will have to have a quick rummage in the freezer for something for lunch and I also need to get the venison out so it has time to defrost before being braised tomorrow.  I may well put it to marinade overnight.  Anything to add flavour and soften the meat a little as it can be both dry and tough if not handled with care.  I suppose the thing with game is you are never sure just how old the animal was.  I have been on enough shoots to tell the age of pheasants and most are this seasons birds but you do get the occasional old bird that has escaped the guns which is only good for a casserole. 

I am also hopeful that my new phone will arrive today then I can begin the process of swapping over sim cards which in the past has proved a pain so lets hope that they have got their act together and can do the job quickly at the vodaphone shop.  There is a shop in our local shopping centre so it shouldn't take too long.  They really don't like people who buy their own handsets instead of entering into an endless contract.

Well that is my plan for the day and after finishing the first front of my knitting I have given myself a break and am knitting the pocket linings which are nice and simple.  30 stitches by 50 rows in garter-stitch it doesn't get simpler than that.  It is the sort of thing you knit when you are learning just right for mindless knitting while watching TV.

There is no sign of sun this morning just heavy clouds and very dull but a bit warmer than of late. My mind is turning to the garden which is a complete disaster area even the green house has been left to fester over winter and still has the tomato plants in it.  I really must get out there soon and clear up a bit but I am waiting for a nice sunny warm day when I feel more disposed to spending time outside.  

Have a good weekend all and lets hope the weather starts to pick up soon.

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