Saturday Morning

Good morning all another bright sunny start to a frosty day.  Yesterday was a glorious sunny day but bitterly cold.  The engineer came and changed the filters on Mikes machine and also sorted out his portable cylinder.  He was pleased to know that I was well aware of just how dangerous oxygen cylinders are. Fortunately he was very quick as I was almost ready to serve the lunch when he arrived.  At the moment my slow cooker is reheating the broth I made yesterday.  Once it is done I can strain out the meat to serve with a salsa verde and the broth will have some small pasta added and a good grating of parmesan.  I thought I would do carrots and beetroot to go with the meat, sort of boiled beef and carrots but brought up to date with a little Italian influence.  I think sweet vegetables will be nice with a sharp piquant sauce.  

Typing this one paragraph has taken ages as Dan seems to think I would like to play ball and keeps dropping the ball in my lap.  He must think I am very stupid as I refuse to understand and just let the ball fall on the floor.  He has finally given up trying to train me and gone back to bed.  I'm sure he thinks I am a pretty rubbish dog and a very thick human not worth wasting his time on.  

I have a big pile of ironing waiting for me so I might just as well get on with that while the food comes to temperature.  The salsa verde will only take moments to make once I have located a big bunch of parsley.  Sadly my window box only has a little parsley left and nowhere near enough for the sauce.  I will have to have a quick run to Tesco.

In the mean time have a lovely weekend all of you

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