Good morning late again but I am sleeping like the dead these days.  Perhaps I am making up for a life time of not sleeping enough plus the added bonus having others around so I am not the sole person on duty.

I was watching some youtube videos of how to fold stuff recommended by Anne and now I am filled with the urge to fold everything into tiny little wads.  I think I may start with my underwear draw which is a complete mess.  It is also that time of year where it is time to replace knickers that have become tatty so trip to M&S is called for.  I can still remember my gran telling me to make sure I had clean underwear on when going out in case I was involved in an accident.  Of course the first thing the emergency services will check is the state of your underwear!!!!!

Yesterday saw a bit of an electrical disaster I have no power in the shed and that is where the washing machine is.  Fortunately I have a friend who is an electrician and lives two doors down the road so he has offered to come with his avometre and check out what is going on so in the mean time I am without a washing machine.  Not good as I have a big pile of laundry waiting to be done.  Hopefully when he comes this afternoon at 3pm he can fix things and I can get the machine back into action.

I really need to go shopping this morning and start buying the ingredients for this weeks menu.  As I am out most of the morning I have gone for a simple quick lunch of spaghetti carbonara and salad. My sourdough is going mad so I would like to get a loaf underway and hope it is better than the last. My to do list is endless and what I should do is sit down and make a plan to use my time in the most efficient way otherwise I will be chasing my tail all day.

One job I would like to do at some time is have a session making assorted stocks and sauces for the freezer but that will have to wait and appears low on the list of priorities.  I like to use my own stock where possible but thank heavens for stock cubes which are a great standby.

Well one thing is for certain sitting here typing is getting nothing done so I must away and get going if I am to accomplish some of the jobs on the list.
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